Omega-A Stretch Marks Cream

Omega-A prevention and reduction formula ( stretch marks and scar

Stretch marks are a form of scarring that appears after your skin quickly stretches or shrinks. They are
common, natural. They often happen due to pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss. Stretch marks can
appear anywhere, but they’re most common on the:
Upper arms
Lower back
Aunty Bola was expecting a child, such joyous news. Her tummy was almost flat; keyword
almost. There was just a little bump there. If you weren’t looking hard enough you wouldn’t
be able to tell. Only her close friends and immediate family members knew about it.
Aunty’s tummy grew gradually. Did it bother her? Yes. Did she do anything about it? Yes. She
went to the hospital for a check-up and an ultrasound machine revealed all was well. The
most important thing is for both mother and child to be alright. Shey?
Let’s carry on.

About 7 months into the pregnancy, Aunty Bola saw brown streaks on her
tummy, almost vein-like. Ahhhh, would you look at that her baby bump had gotten
significantly bigger. Could this be a result of her baby bump?
My Aunty asked around oo and people kept on reassuring her that it was a result of her
pregnancy? This was her first pregnancy, she didn’t know. She checked in with her doctor
just to be sure and he confirmed it. Aunty was bothered that the streaks would not leave her
Aunty spoke with her friend and shared her fears with her friend. Her friend advised her to
grab a certain stretch mark cream ( Omega A). Guy my Aunty used this cream religiously and
then she watched the marks fade not completely anyways but it was good, great enough for
her. Stretch marks just like scars often times do not disappear. She continued with the
cream till she gave birth. What did she notice? The stretch marks on her body reduced.
Aunty figured she’d try to use it on time when next she’d be expecting a child. When she
found out she was pregnant she ordered an entire box and started her prevention journey e.
Towards the end of the pregnancy, she saw that she had developed almost no new marks.
The Omega-A Stretch marks and scar cream ( prevention and reduction formula) is an organic cream suitable for all skin types created to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. It also prevents the formation of stretch marks. It is an intensive hydrating formula and is paraben free.

It is a rich blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe Vera, coconut oil, vitamin E, and collagen.
Collagen is a fibrous protein responsible for the skin’s elasticity. These ingredients nourish
and protect the skin.
This prevention and reduction formula increases skin tone and elasticity and reduces the
the appearance of existing stretch marks prevents the occurrence of stretch marks, removes
wrinkles and age lines reverse damage caused by cream reactions.

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